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            Can2limTask - Result:critical error - No input file

            When you see that in the results folder, the Can2limTask.log contains an error message, like this:

            ERROR: No input file!
            Bad command line!
            ... in this case, please double check that in your build script - provided with the '-buildScript' parameter - you use 'rebuild' for building your project. Since SourceMeter needs a full rebuild to perform the analysis a simple 'build' is not enough.

            Also please double check that your build script contains a linking phase, as SourceMeter results are processed for component units which in case of C++ are the linker outputs. That is: executable binaries and dynamic libraries (actually, for technical reasons, static libraries as well). If there is no linking or static lib creating, SourceMeter will stop with an error, because Can2Lim won't have inputs.

            If this doesn't help please contact directly with us and send us all the files which are created under the results folder - you can find this folder in the path which you could set with the '-resultsDir' parameter. 
            Updated: 03 Oct 2017 12:06 AM
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